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Spring Professional
Spring Professional

Please note that as of April 1 2014, Adecco China operations have been integrated into the FESCO Adecco China network. At the same time Spring Professional, an Adecco subsidiary, has also officially launched in Beijing and Shanghai.

感谢您访问本网站。自4月1日起,德科中国(Adecco China)业务已整合至北京外企德科(FESCO Adecco)。同时,德科集团全资子公司跃科(Spring Professional)也在北京和上海正式运营。

For positions in IT, Engineering & Supply Chain and Property & Construction - please visit springasia.com

如有工程技术,建筑与房地产产业的中高端猎头服务的需求,请与跃科中国联络 ,官网 springasia.com

For all other positions, please visit FESCO Adecco at fescoadecco.com

其他职位猎头服务请联络北京外企德科,官网 fescoadecco.com